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No Time to Die: The Longest Bond Film Yet?

Double 007

The team behind the latest bond movie has been keeping things well under wraps for a while now, and although they're remaining tight-lipped, the viewing time for no time to Die appears to have been revealed.

How long is the No Time to Die running time?

Daniel Craig is used to taking on a role where he spends what feels like a lifetime on the screen (not that we're complaining), but it appears that the runtime for No Time to Die outweighs all of the Bond movies he has his name to, and tops every Bond film ever created. That includes the movies from Pearce Brosnan and Sean Connery!

Regal, a US cinema chain, has listed the running time for No Time to Die as a long 163 minutes, equating to 2 hours and 43 minutes. Pathe Netherlands has gone on to confirm this to be accurate, posting the viewing time alongside their listing.

Spectre was initially the movie that held the crown for the 007 movies with the longest viewing time, homing in at 143 minutes. Fun fact: Quantum of Solace, another of Daniel Craig's main appearances, came in at one of the shortest Bond films to date lasting less than 2 hours at 106 minutes.

The news of the running time for No Time to Die follows a tweet from the official 007 Twitter channel, which shows a behind the scenes peek at the movie. Joji Fukunaga explains that he felt it was "essential to rediscover Bond."

We see from that same video that Daniel Craig's final appearance in the 25th movie from the Bond franchise, No Time to Die, follows the events of Spectre five years later.

The director said, "It will be a combination of all that Bond has become," and added, "With all that he's seen; all that trauma, that loss, what is that mission, that will be his most challenging and most difficult?"

This could be a big one for Daniel Craig with a lot to take in, fortunately, though we'll have plenty of time to get our heads around the events of No Time to Die.

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