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Music to Cross Animals By

Animal Crossing’s Most Wanted Chrome Extendo.

The next Animal Crossing game from Nintendo Switch is on the horizon (see what we did there), and thanks to a new extension specifically created for Google Chrome, you can get your vibe on from the music featured in the series.

What's the Animal Crossing Chrome extension called?

The Animal Crossing chrome extension is simply called 'Animal Crossing Music, ' which brings together the soundtrack from the entire series.

Cleverly, the extension uses various data such as the day of the week, the weather and the time of day to bring you a bespoke listening experience. At a base level, it plays music as you'd usually expect to hear it in the game, so while I'm writing this in the morning, I'm sat here listening to the original Animal Crossing game mid-morning tunes. When I plug in the extension for weekend use, I might chime in to hear the K.K live slider performance. It's well put together as it takes the game's time-adaptive mechanics and puts them into your world. 

Also featuring in the soundtrack are iconic tunes from Animal Crossing: let's Go to the City, City Folk, New Leaf, Animal Forest (which was Japan-only), as well as Wild World - I said it had it all! You can override the localized settings in your browser in addition to randomizing the tracks you want to listen to. If it's a rainy day outside while you sit at your laptop, tell the chrome extension to play the sunny day tune. The weather data means the extension needs access to your location, so you'll need to enable that to let it do its thing. That last one might not suit everyone, though, who prefers their place to be anonymous.

If you want to take things a step further with the extension, you even have the option to customize your very own Town Tune. Doing so could mean you can have it play on-demand like the one in the game villages! GitHub and the Chrome Web Store have the app ready for download right now.

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